Données épidémiologiques, cliniques et évolutives des hépatopathies Chroniques non virales : Étude multicentrique dans l’Ouest Algérien.

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Dr DIB Fadel Djonid Seider
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Introduction and Objectives Non-viral liver diseases represent an entity apart in the field of hepatology. They sometimes arise in the acute mode and sometimes in chronic mode but surely they lead to cirrhosis which is an irreversible lesion. Subject and method The study involved 219 patients recruited from different health centres in western Algeria. It is unwound retrospectively from January 2007 to 2010 and forward 2011 to April 2014. All our patients underwent immunological and biological tests, radiological examinations, when it allowed we used a Liver biopsy. All patients were put on treatment and regular monitoring was carried out. The average follow-up was 34.6 months. The aim of our study was to determine the epidemiological, clinical, paraclinical and scalable each nonviral liver disease, seek the existence of predictors of developing cirrhosis and to identify patients eligible for liver transplantation. Results We collected 78 patients with an AIH, 64 PBC, 18 PSC, 21 Overlap syndrom, 6 Wilson diseases, 5 hemochromatosis and 27 patients with NASH syndrome. In our series we found 49 men representing 22.37% of the serie for 170 women representing 77.62% of the serie. The sex ratio is equal to 0.29. We collected 27 deaths in our serie, which is equivalent to 12.32% of all patients.11 degeneration have been seen in our serie, which corresponds to 5.02% of the cases. In our serie we found 119 cases of cirrhosis which is: 54.33%. 50 patients were eligible for liver transplantation. In this study some factors that allow us to identify subjects who are at the stage of cirrhosis were identified. Conclusion Patients come to us at a late stage of the disease, the interest is to make an early diagnosis to prevent complications that can occur such as gastrointestinal bleeding, ascites, hepatic encephalopathy and especially the occurrence of hepatocellular carcinoma. Liver transplantation remains the final alternative. Keywords: liver disease, cirrhosis, HCC, liver transplantation.