Cure des Hernies Inguinales de l’Adulte selon le Procédé « Plug-Plaque »

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Dr. TAOUAGH Nacereddine
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The prosthetic treatment has become the treatment of choice for inguinal hernias in adults. Aim: To analyze the results of the process Plug-Plate in the management of inguinal hernias in adults in our practice. Methods: We included a period 1 January 2008 to 30 September 2011, 202 patients with primary or recurrent inguinal hernia in a prospective study. The endpoints were the duration of the intervention, the immediate aftermath, postoperative pain, length of stay, the painful and recidivism. These patients were followed until January 2012. Results: a population study of 202 patients. All patients were male with an average age of 60.9 years. Hundred and seventy-eight (87.2%) patients were released between 24 and 48 hours. Four patients (1.9%) have reported painful sequel who sold medical treatment. We observed 2 cases of recurrence. Conclusion: The results in the short and medium term in our study using the technique of Plug-plate are comparable to the literature data. Tags: inguinal hernia, prosthetic treatment, Plug, prospective study.