Etude de l’association de la maladie psoriasique et le syndrome métabolique dans la wilaya de Tlemcen

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Dr. DAHMANI Boumediene
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Introduction:Psoriasis is 3 to 5 percent. 100 of the population according to the literature. This is one of many chronic inflammatory diseases of T lymphocytes Metabolic syndrome is a group of common clinical disorders including obesity, insulin resistance, hypertension, dyslipidemia (hypertriglyceridemia ...). This modest work aims to determine the prevalence of these risk factors the association of psoriasis with metabolic syndrome in Tlemcen. Study population and recruitment cases: This is a case-control study of a series of 368 psoriatic patients (cases) and 736 controls admitted to the department of dermatology at the University Hospital of Tlemcen over a period of 04 years since October 2008, October 2012. The inclusion criteria for cases and controls: The subjects included in the study were older than 18 years, the diagnosis of psoriasis lasted at least 6 months. Cookies are patients followed for other skin diseases as psoriasis. Epidemiological study: Age of onset, duration of disease, the progressive mode, the hereditary factor and assess the clinical severity of the disease (PASI). On 1104 patients, male gender was predominant with 53.5% and 513 sex female 46.5% M / F sex ratio of 1.15. Mean age was. of 48.81 ± 15.7 years, 95% CI (46.46 to 48.82). Smoking: prevalence was twice as high among psoriatic 32.9% (121/368) vs. 16.4% (121/736) in controls (OR = 2.49, 95% CI (1.85 to 3.33) and p <10-3). Inactivity: the difference was significant (48.6% vs. 34.1%; OR1, 81, 95% CI (1.40 to 2.34) and p <10-3). Diabetes: The prevalence of diabetes (ATP III) was significantly increased in psoriatic than controls (37.2% vs. 24.2%, OR 1.85, 95% CI (1.41- 2.43) and p <10-3). Dyslipidemia: no significant difference between the 02 groups (P NS ; OR of 0.97.) Metabolic syndrom: a higher in cases (126/368 = 34.8%) than in controls (168/736 = 22.8%) , OR 1.76 95% CI (1.33 to 2, 31), P <10-3). Arterial hypertension: In psoriasis was 14.9% or 55/368 vs. 7.6% (56/736) in controls with an OR of 2, 13. 95% CI (1.43 to 3.16); p <10-3 . Obesity (ATP III) : was present with a 32% increased self Vs 19.56% prevalence, an OR of 1, 94, 95% CI (1.46 to 2.58), p <10-3.237 Conclusion: this is the first comparative study in Algeria,the association between psoriasis and the metabolic syndrome deserves a lot of interest because it can condition treatment and long-term evolution of the disease. Keywords: psoriasis, metabolic syndrome, obesity, hypertension, dyslipidemia and diabetes.